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12 Ways Of Bingo

Author: amine safsafi | Filed under: bingo, Printables Saturday Sep 26,2009

By the time the holidays are upon us, you and your students are ready for a break. The excitement over Christmas has everyone distracted and their attention is hard to manage. Even a game of bingo might not regain their attention…a traditional bingo game that is. Just like other activities, some times a new twist […]

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Christmas Bingo Boards

Author: | Filed under: Printables Saturday Nov 22,2008

Want to play bingo this Christmas?  Great idea — it’s popular with both children and adults and fits into almost any holiday schedule.  The tough part is aquiring the bingo boards — generally you have to write them yourself, which takes forever and a day.  Since I run a bingo-related software business I decided to […]

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