Want to play bingo this Christmas?  Great idea — it’s popular with both children and adults and fits into almost any holiday schedule.  The tough part is aquiring the bingo boards — generally you have to write them yourself, which takes forever and a day.  Since I run a bingo-related software business I decided to make a set of free Christmas bingo boards available for everyone.  Merry Christmas!


Download Printable Christmas Bingo Boards

You can download the Christmas bingo boards by clicking here.  The cards are in PDF format, which you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  You probably already have Reader installed as it comes free with most computers, but you can get it here if you need it.

You may also want to print a call list.

Print Unlimited Bingo Boards on Any Subject

If you need more boards or want to customize them, you can do so with the free trial of Bingo Card Creator, which prints up to 8 boards (or as many as you want if you buy the software).  Click here to download the free trial, follow the instructions onscreen, and once you have the program opened up select the Wizards menu, then select Holidays, then pick one of the Christmas lists.  You’ll be printing out in about a minute.

Instructions for Christmas Bingo

1)  Everyone gets to mark off the free space to start the game off.

2)  One person calls the game, by randomly calling out words from the list.  You can do this by either cutting up one card and throwing it into a hat/bag, then pulling from the hat, or by using a randomized call list.  The Bingo Card Creator software mentioned earlier can create a call list from the File menu item Print Call List.  I think it is most fun to use Christmas stickers to mark the cards up, but you can also use regular writing utensils.

3)  The first player to get 5 words marked in any row, column, or diagonal should stand up and yell “Bingo!”  That person wins, if all five of their words were actually called (careful, sometimes young kids are known to get a little overenthusiastic).    You can keep playing through multiple winners.  You can also give the winner(s) a small treat.  At my house, we sometimes let the winner cut the first slice of turkey.

Other Ways To Play Christmas Bingo

Some people prefer word lists a bit different than the ones pictured here.  I produced a few variations:

Traditional Christmas bingo (with call list), which concentrates on the Christmas story — the reason for the season, as they say in church.

Seasonal holiday bingo (with call list) — I can’t promise that it is ACLU approved but it should past muster with almost everyone.

Hanukkah bingo, for our Jewish friends.

Kwanzaa bingo — Kwanzaa is a relatively new holiday which some African Americans celebrate, often in addition to more religious holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Whatever holiday you and your family are celebrating, I wish you peace, prosperity, and happiness, now and always.  Please enjoy the bingo!